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U.S. Remote Controls

Quality projects since 1985.

We Design/Build, Integrate or OEM control systems run by computer. Motor Control, Actuation, Count, RFID, Revenue Control, POS, Embedded and relay controls. We can manage your project, or design, and/or build and install using our C-10 Electrical Contractors license along with our B General Contractors license.

Our project list includes:

Custom designed/built ticket machines for BART.

Custom POS and access system for Union Station Los Angeles.

Integrated SQL PARCS system with 3 campus connectivity over fiber.

Past clients include:

City of Oakland; City of San Jose; Universal City Hilton Hotel; Bay Area Rapid Transit; Fairmont Hotel San Jose; Santa Clara County; Ghirardelli Square; Union Station Los Angeles; Summit Medical Center; etc.


What is MoveRite ? 


MoveRite is a program we wrote for Windows 3.1.

It was software to massage files that worked better than Windows 3.1 drag and drop did at the time. It viewed any format, opened and zipped zip files, moved and deleted files securely, etc. In 1995, MoveRite was upgraded to a 32 bit program. Since we had the website and e-mail for 20 years, we kept the legacy of MoveRite.

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U.S. Remote Controls

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Vce: 415-777-0307

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